Frequently Asked Questions
What is E- voucher?
E-voucher is the digital form of Gift Vouchers of various retailers.
What is Gift Card and Gift Voucher and How it works?
Gift cards (GC) and Gift vouchers (GV) are cash less transaction which carries value worth equalent as mentioned in it. This just like a cheque and can be redeemed at the time of purchase and at the respective retail places
These GC and GV best suits for gifting occasions and shopping needs at a discounted price.
Can Gift cards and Gift vouchers be reloaded?
Certain Gift cards can be reloaded according to the client's request, as per stipulated denominations and can be used for multiple transactions.
Whereas Gift vouchers are for one time usage, cannot be reloaded.
Above 49,900 kyc is mandate
How E-Voucher, physical voucher and gift cards are delivered?
Electronic form of Gift vouchers are delivered through electronic forms like E-mails and SMS whereas physical form of Gift Vouchers and Gift cards are delivered through courier.
Do the Gift Voucher & Gift Card effects existing offers at the stores?
Gift Vouchers and Gift cards are over and above the existing offers and you will be paying discounted price while purchasing from us and redeemed for full value. Since this Gift Voucher and Gift cards are issued by respective retailers it will not affect existing offer and you will be benefited with additional discounts.
Can I use multiple Gift Vouchers/Gift Cards for a single Order?
Yes, You can. These GVs & GCs carry value you can use multiple vouchers to enjoy more discounts.
What are the special schemes available with E-Voucher India?
Yes. Membership schemes are available. You may please visit our site or contact help line 8686444888.
What are the different offers for Non-Membership and member ship registered Customers?
For members please go through the Membership offers and members are eligible for special discounts. Please look into rewards and discounts at billing page at the website or contact customer care.
What are the benefits for Non-Membership Customer?
Eligible for rewards and discounts and seasonal offers.
Is there any Reward Programs?
Yes reward program is available.
What if I lost a Gift Voucher/Gift Card that I purchased?
Depends on the respective retailer's discretion they may consider the replacement upon submitting proper proofs and completing formalities. E- Voucher India is not responsible for loss of GV/GC.
Can I use the Gift Voucher/gift card after expiry date?
No. neither used nor replaced.
What are the payment options available?
Payment by gateway [online] or bank transfers kindly update the details to customer service if it is bank transfer.
What if I miss any one month during Member ship period?
You're eligible to join next month by paying a nominal fee according to the company norms.
What is the difference between 11 Months and 18Months member ship plane?
Please look into the brands which are available in that particular membership plane.
What if I want extra Gift Voucher/Gift Card more than the member ship scheme I registered with?
You can adjust in the upcoming respective months or go for discounts & rewards
Is there any return Policy?
No. E-Voucher India will not takes Gift voucher or Gift cards back unless their id defect or problem in the voucher
What is the Expiry of Gift Card/Gift Voucher?
It varies retailer to retailer and validity will be from 6 months to 1 year, not less than 6 months and not more than1 year.
Can I buy 11 months or 6 Months at a time in membership plan?
Yes. You can buy at a time but for plan validation you should wait till the end of the plan.
Can I take multiple brands vouchers in membership plan I registered with?
Yes. You can take any brand you want in the list of brands available in the plan.

Sorry! This brand is not in the list of 11-months plan. Do you wish to add this brand / item and make the transaction outside the membership plan?


Sorry! Some brands in your selection are not in the list of 11-months plan. Click "YES" to complete transaction outside the membership plan? Click "NO" to remove items from the list.